100 Words Every High School Freshman Should Know by Editors of the American Heritage Dictionaries

By Editors of the American Heritage Dictionaries

Following the good fortune of a hundred phrases each highschool Graduate may still recognize, the editors of the yank historical past® Dictionaries have built this new booklet of a hundred phrases adapted in particular to school inexperienced persons. This moment ebook within the a hundred phrases sequence makes a speciality of the types of phrases profitable heart institution graduate can research from rigorous coursework in quite a few matters and that just about each freshman will come upon over the process the varsity year.

The phrases were selected with a variety of standards in brain. a few symbolize key strategies in very important components of the curriculum, whereas others are extra commonplace in that means yet current demanding situations of spelling or utilization. All are phrases that scholars can anticipate to determine usually of their highschool analyzing and past. and every be aware is absolutely outlined in addition to proven in regular contexts with instance sentences and quotations, a lot of that are taken from award-winning authors reminiscent of Harper Lee, George Orwell, Katherine Paterson, and John Knowles.

Together, those a hundred phrases signify the more and more subtle and intricate vocabulary that learners needs to grasp as they proceed their schooling on the subsequent point. to benefit them isn't just to achieve beneficial wisdom — it really is to step right into a broader world.

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Like many scientific words that English has borrowed from Latin, omnivore is a compound — a single word made by putting two other words together. ” We can find this same root -vor- at the end of several other English words. ” Herbivore “eating plants” has the same herb- as in herbal tea. The English verb devour comes from Latin dKvor7re, which also contains the root -vor-. ” NOTE: 56 out·ra·geous (out-r7*jNs) adjective Exceeding all bounds of what is right or proper; immoral or offensive: an outrageous crime; outrageous prices.

Related words: adverb — jaun*ti·ly noun — jaun*ti·ness 41 jo·vi·al (jo*vK-Nl) adjective Full of fun and good cheer; jolly: a jovial host. 62 of a mile. The metric system is a system of measurement that is based on the number 10. Because 12 inches make a foot, and 3 feet make a yard, calculating the number of inches in a given number of yards or miles can often be cumbersome. In the metric system, multiplication is easy. Kilo- is a prefix meaning “a thousand,” so one kilometer is equal to a thousand meters, and one kilogram is equal to a thousand grams.

A dramatic action or gesture: The teacher waved the report with a flourish. 2. An added decorative touch; an embellishment: handwriting with many graceful flourishes. 3. In music, a showy passage or a fanfare: Trumpets played a flourish before the king entered. 100 words every high school freshman should know 19 28 for·mi·da·ble (fôr*mV-dN-bNl or fôr-mVd*N-bNl) adjective 1. Arousing fear, dread, alarm, or great concern: “The men wish to purchase straw field hats to protect themselves from your formidable Arkansas sun” (Bette Greene, The Summer of My German Soldier).

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