A Coat of Many Colours: Occasional Essays by Herbert Edward Read

By Herbert Edward Read

This booklet, first released in 1947, is selection of serious essays via Herbert learn that had no longer been formerly released in ebook shape. The essays conceal a number of various topic parts, together with literature, artwork, structure, and picture, from a span of 20 years. This identify might be of curiosity to various readers.

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He ignored Plato's philosophy of beauty, and the aesthetics of Plato's medieval followers, which is the basis of the " natural " theory of art. Tolstoy was right in supposing that the kind of art a people gets is determined by their social organization : the Marxists are also right in putting forward what is essentially the same theory, although disguised in a lot of their ideological jargon. But it is a simple logical error, committed by both philosophies, to imagine that the art which corresponds to their particular social ideal is the best kind of art or the only kind of art.

I do not suggest that the p o e m has any particular bearing on the war, on the problems of m o d e r n politics, or on the future of the world. Its philosophical message is at once too individualistic a n d too universal for such ready application. T h e poem has, of course, its historical significance. It stands at the midpoint of a revolution as significant as the one we are now enduring. It is the autobiography of a poet w h o was then a revolutionary, a n d nothing that Wordsworth could subsequently do to the poem could alter its revolutionary significance.

Ev'n as the flowers in spring ; T o which, besides their own demean, T h e lãte-pãst frosts tributes of pleasure bring. Grief melts away Like snow in M a y , As if there were no such cold thing. N o other poet until Hopkins came would have ventured to place four successive stresses in a line, thereby achieving such a pleasing and unexpected variety of r h y t h m . io. Cézanne C E Z A N N E was a m a n of a very clear a n d definite intelligence, who early in life decided to devote himself to particular aims a n d w h o from that time allowed nothing to interfere with his career.

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