A Guide to Awareness by Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara

By Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara

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Should the mind not incline-out to receive and process the sights and sounds, then suffering cannot arise. You must set yourself to see and understand how such suffering —this second type of suffering— can arise in your mind. This presentation about suffering is in two parts. Firstly, there is the ‘ordinary and inevitable’ type of suffering and then there is the suffering arising dependant on the mind’s inclining-out to receive and process. In coming to understand these two parts you must initially focus on and understand the nàma-råpa within yourself, Seeing its natural and inevitable course, with its beginning, middle and end all seen together at one point.

This period of origination is known as birth (jàti). There is then the process of change and development: the body grows and matures through the various ages and reaches the present one, of old age (jarà). This is a process which will continue right up until the final episode, which is death. However, such thinking may give rise to some apprehension and alarm. We have all passed through birth, are at present ageing and in the future lies death. So why should we be only afraid of old age and death?

Nàma is the condition of the mind as it inclines-out to know sights and sounds (for example), which is called consciousness; to feel pleasure, pain or intermediate feeling; to perceive; and to think and process, which is mental-formations. With such concocting goes an experiencing or ‘knowing’ which is back to consciousness again. Set up the seeing into this nàma-råpa so as to see their properties inside you and especially to discern the mind’s outward-inclining to know about various affairs. The sound of my speaking and your ear make contact and the mind inclines-out to know hearing.

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