A L'ecole De La Phenomenologie by Paul Ricoeur

By Paul Ricoeur

Textual content IN FRENCH.

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But you don’t. All you see are nervous nellies, checking the price of the Dow Jones daily and intra-day, scanning the most-actives list for some key to the future, subscribing to the newsletters filled with hyperbole and sketchy research, breathlessly hanging on every word of some smug talking head on the business news channel. This hidden key is, in a simple phrase, dividend growth. As we know, mature companies pay dividends from their earnings. Every quarter the company sends a check to investors, sharing a small fraction of the profits, and many investors love those checks.

That’s why dividends are a kind of acid test or litmus paper that reveals the true state of a company’s finances. ” In order for a company to pay a dividend, it must have the money to pay it with. Earnings can’t be some accounting sleightof-hand. They must actually be there, in cash. Thus, while we as passive investors can never know as much about the companies we invest in as we’d like, we can know one thing: if a company pays a dividend it has the cash with which to pay that dividend. Further, a company that raises its dividend is truly signaling the state of its business to investors.

And these bricks can grow larger, like a living thing. And the bricks that they generate can grow larger, too. It is fecundity on earth, it is fruitfulness, it is multiplying, it is increase, it is like the universal process of cell division and proliferation that’s ultimately behind the very creation of our bodies. Compounding is the money that money makes, added to the money that money has already made. And each time money makes money, it becomes capable of making even more money than it could before!

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