A Weekend With 'a' Drunken Leprechaun: by Klaus Joehle

By Klaus Joehle

Only a thought:Sometimes there's not anything finer than breaking the entire principles and achieving for the sky. specifically if these principles have been intended to restrict you, us rather than uplifting us.Then it turns into virtually a heavenly act.As with every little thing, there's an paintings to breaking the entire rules.It should be performed in the sort of demeanour that it harms no one.But as a substitute it lifts us and offers us a brand new horizon to arrive for. Publishers, publishing homes, you were given to like them; you cannot do that! it truly is by no means been performed like this! O no impossible! you need to do it like???It's continuously been performed . . . Excuse me please, it kind of feels I left my bulldozer operating, ailing be correct again I promise. What does all of this need to do with a leprechaun? every little thing is hooked up to every thing. O' please feed me candy nothings yet do not make me face the reality back, now not back.

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I keep the boat on the other end of the island because that's really the only safe place to keep it; most of the rest of the island consists of rocky shorelines with a few anchor bays but no docks. All the docks are on one end of the island. While driving to my boat I thought about my first book and what had happened with it after I had written it. I have never been able to learn to spell; it’s something that totally eludes me no mater how much I write or read. So after taking more then a year to write it word by word I couldn’t find anyone to correct it; they would look at it and then I wouldn’t hear from them again.

Just stop right there” I responded you almost threw me for a loop with your singing. “I don't really want to write a neither book! If I did I'd already be working on or finishing the other three that are sitting there; almost finished” I said stopping in my tracks now. How’s about I'll sing you a song myself, I said start talking or I'll start walking the other direction. “Come on now no one says you godda” “I heard that some where before” I interrupted “Just give this a chance and it will all explain it's self,” he said I could hardly hear him because he had spotted a small hole under the roots of the tree and was in it in a flash, right up to is butt.

I just started untying the boat when I had the sudden urge to turn around and what did I see but a short leprechaun coming down the ramp waving at me to wait for him. I held on to the dock until he reached the boat and jumped in. It was really bizarre to watch him walk past other people on the dock with out anyone seeing him. It made me turn to Roody to see if he was looking at him just to check with my sanity. Roody seemed to be looking right at him and seemed to follow his movements including getting out of his way as he entered the boat.

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