Access the Power of Your Higher Self by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

By Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Ten dynamic steps with easy strategies to assist increase a detailed operating courting with Spirit—and to event the enjoyment, peace and empowerment that's our non secular birthright. find out about the Causal physique and the way we shop riches in heaven via many lifetimes and will entry that account right here and now

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What the principle means is that whatever is above, in the world of Spirit, can also be below, in the material world. Your I AM Presence, the source of power and spiritual energy, is in the spiritual world. If you want to think about it spatially, you can imagine the I AM Presence as floating somewhere between seven and seventy feet above your head, depending on your state of consciousness. By affirming that you here below are the fullness of that I AM Presence which is above, you can make the maxim true in your life.

They describe it as light, power and glory. It is the star that the wise men saw as they searched for the child Jesus. It is the pillar of fire that guided the children of Israel through the desert and the glory of God that appeared to Moses, the prophets and the Jewish mystics. ”[1] It is also an important part of Western spirituality. My mother had learned about it from the writings of Guy W. Ballard, whose “I AM” Discourses she kept on her nightstand. He writes of the I AM Presence as the source of all power, knowledge and love.

PREPARE FOR ONENESS WITH YOUR HIGHER SELF BY TRANSFORMING BODY, MIND AND SOUL WITH THE VIOLET FLAME Violet Fire Heart Violet Fire, thou Love divine, Blaze within this heart of mine! Thou art Mercy forever true, Keep me always in tune with you. Head I AM Light, thou Christ in me, Set my mind forever free; Violet Fire, forever shine Deep within this mind of mine. God who gives my daily bread, With Violet Fire fill my head Till thy radiance heavenlike Makes my mind a mind of Light. Hand I AM the hand of God in action, Gaining Victory every day; My pure soul’s great satisfaction Is to walk the Middle Way.

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