Advanced Language Practice with Key 2nd Edition by Michael Vince

By Michael Vince

This article is designed to revise and consolidate grammar issues on the point of CAE and skillability tests, and this variation has been revised to incorporate talent fabric within the structure of the 2002 examination. it's to be had without or with key.

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Ages.................. since I last had a good Chinese meal. b) Funnily enough I saw Bob quite at the sports club. c) I've loved you ever the first day I set eyes on you! d) How long was it that you lived in Inverness? e) I've to see anyone who can dance as well as Diana. f) Could you phone me the you arrive at the hotel so I don't worry? g) I promise to get everything ready eight o'clock at the latest. h) I told Sue I already finished my essay. i) I'm sorry you've been waiting so long, but it will be some time Brian gets back.

See I have an Wednesday. i) This will be the team's first match in the Premier League. time This will be the first in the Premier League. j) The number of people who attended the fair exceeded our expectations. had More people expected. k) I didn't receive the results of my test for a month. before It was the results of my test. 1) Quite a few books are missing from the class library. returned Several members of the class library books. 29 ADVANCED LANGUAGE PRACTICE 3 4 In most lines of this text there is one extra word.

Of this letter. than twenty years. 1995. improved. Hungary. 25 ADVANCED LANGUAGE PRACTICE 5 Underline the correct phrase in each sentence. a) The price of petrol has risen/has been rising by 15% over the past year. b) No wonder you are overweight! You have eaten/You have been eating chocolates all day long! c) I've read/I've been reading a really good book this morning. d) Doesn't this room look better? I've put/I've been putting some posters up on the walls. e) Don't disappoint me! I've counted/I've been counting on you.

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