All Shadows Fled (Forgotten Realms: The Shadow of the by Ed Greenwood

By Ed Greenwood

The Shadow Spreads

The Time of issues had nearly handed. The chaos of spilled blood, lawless strife, monsters unleashed, and avatars roaming Faerûn used to be achieving an end.

However, now not so those that stroll in Shadow.

The dreaded and insidious Shadowmasters observe that they've one final likelihood to grab keep an eye on whereas chaos wrecks havoc on all the geographical regions, and in doing so seal the destiny of not only their archenemy Elminster, yet all of Mystra's minions as well.

Darkness threatens to envelop all Faerûn.

The shadows loom.

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Alone of the dungeon’s inhabitants, Hlyddhth suspecQS”that the wizard who created this place is still alive: books sometimes disappear off the shelves without activating its geas, teleported away only to suddenly reappear minutes or weeks later. It will take Hlyddhth several more decades to finish absorbing and cogitating on all the knowledge the library offers, after which it either uses its learning to gain freedom or seeks out the elusive wizard and offers him its service freely in order to join in whatever research Master Blaise is now engaged in (it suspects this to be the interaction of free will and fate).

Area 1 o. Farmhouse Zander the pig farmer lives here in this large but cheerfully decrepit house with his seven daughters (ages 3-21); ld12+8 large, healthy pigs live in the sty outside. Zander is a lazy, likeable rogue who seldom worries and always seems to breeze his way through each seeming crisis. “) ways and take over her father’s farm. His daughters, who share his love for pigs, mud, and taking life easy, took his part in the quarrel, much to their mother’s annoyance. While easygoing, Zander reacts quickly in a crisis, arming four of his daughters with butcher knives (ld4 damage each) and having the eldest carry the youngest.

Currently Loyce is away on one of his weeks-long trips, accompanied by Hoy. One daughter always goes with him on his rounds, the girls taking turns, as their smiling faces are as a big a draw as any of his other merchandise. When home, he loves to put his feet up, play with the kids, catch up on village events, and show off new goods. Aside from adventurers, Loyce is the village’s main contact with the outside world and the conduit of much news and gossip; recently he has been spreading the village elder’s “Adventurers Wanted” posters far and wide.

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