American Shaman: An Odyssey of Global Healing Traditions by Jeffrey A. Kottler

By Jeffrey A. Kottler

Written for therapists, students, clergy, scholars, and people with an curiosity in non-traditional therapeutic practices, this ebook tells the tale of Bradford Keeney, the 1st non-African to be inducted as a shaman within the Kung Bushman and Zulu cultures

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They rise up high off the ground, then they strike not just once, but they will attack many times one after the other, killing anything within range. pgsI 1/22/04 11:40 AM Page 23 Dancing under the Stars people. And yet, when he thought about it, he realized that Mantag was right: He did feel as if he were home. While they continued to set up their camp, people from the village walked by to see what the strange White doctor was doing. Kids visited, of course, because they were curious. But Keeney was also surprised to see that most of the adults, especially the older men, came by to pay their respects.

He thought to himself, not for the first time. “Come on, Nelson,” Keeney whispered urgently. ” Keeney walked right up to the three men standing there and found himself drawn to the one in the middle, an older man with a wrinkled face and white, short-cropped hair. Without giving the matter any thought, Brad put his arms around the old man, who embraced him in return. As soon as they made contact, Keeney felt himself begin to shake—his arms, his upper legs, but mostly his stomach and chest. It was as if the two of them were connected by a current of electricity—which, in a sense, they were.

Dreams of Africa Peter looked sideways at his companion, still intrigued with hearing about Keeney’s hunches and dreams. He’d already heard the story of how this whole trip had come about. Keeney had been working as a professor at various universities in the United States, teaching family therapy. He had by this time abandoned much of his academic training as a scholar and a psychologist and was recasting himself more along the lines of a cultural anthropologist, if not a practicing shaman. As part of this journey, he began spending more time with Native American medicine men, fasting and praying, and was an active member of an inner-city Black church.

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