An Introduction to Microbiology for Nurses by N. A. Simmons

By N. A. Simmons

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If this is injected into man a temporary immunity will be p r o duced. As a foreign protein the horse antibody will be removed in a matter of weeks, but as a means of combating the toxin of diphtheria, tetanus or gas gangrene it provides immediate protection whereas active i m m u n i t y would take weeks to induce. Horse anti- Body Defences Against Infection 45 TABLE 1 DISEASE TYPE OF VACCINE PREPARATIONS USED Detoxified toxin— toxoid Diphtheria toxid—various preparations available, including ones precipitated with alum.

B) Foul—grossly dirty, as for example bed linen soiled with faeces from a non-infectious patient. 60 Microbiology for Nurses Though no hazard is involved in handling foul linen, most persons would find it offensive. (c) Infected—contaminatedwith micro-organisms which may well cause infection in a handler. , used in connection with patients suffering from infectious disease should be included in this group. Dirty surgical instruments are normally washed before they are assembled and autoclaved for use on another patient.

Because of the dangers to the health of persons exposed to radiation and because the equipment for safe irradiation is both large and expensive this method of sterilisation is not suitable for routine hospital practice. It is however used by pharmaceutical companies and by the manufacturers of some types of medical equipment particularly for the sterilisation of disposable plastic hypodermic syringes and catheters. FILTRATION is a physical method of sterilisation which may be used only with liquids.

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