Angel Answers by Diana Cooper

By Diana Cooper

Angels supply outlooks that could aid get to the bottom of any human limitation, no matter if social, political, historic, own, sexual, or religious, and their enlightened methods are recorded in this insightful and uplifting religious advisor. precise and encouraging own tales turn out that no challenge is simply too tough while angels are consulted, and various routines and meditations are integrated to make hearing and realizing angels more uncomplicated. those uncomplicated, transparent, and compassionate solutions are offered as a fashion of resolving attempting matters and discovering peace.

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Repeat each affirmation ten times, twice a day, or more if you can. 3. Decide what you do want. You may want a carer to come in twice a week to give you some free time. You may want to live on your own and pop in once a week to see your parents. You may wish to get married and live in Australia. 4. Know that the universe will give you your heart’s desire as long as you are clear that you want it and believe you deserve it. 5. Remember that if something is not for your highest good, it is not appropriate for those affected either.

Many of the dreadful happenings are the completion of old karma. Is there a spiritual working-out for all things? Indeed there is. No one ultimately gets away with anything, so there is never any need for humans to take revenge into their own hands. The 40 KARMA long reach of karma ensures that all things are worked out in a divinely perfect way, though this may take lifetimes, depending on the dictates of the souls involved. What about the justice system? Humans are co-creators, co-rulers on Earth.

Most people fight against unwelcome situations by focusing on their grievances. Whatever you give attention to is created in your life. So, tell the universe what you want and soak yourself in the good feeling as if you already have it. 52 KARMA EXERCISE: To change your situation 1. Watch your thoughts until you are clear what your beliefs are. Then write affirmations, which are positive statements in the present tense about who you truly are or what you really want. Remember that your divine essence is worthwhile, beautiful and deserves a happy, love-filled life.

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