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Anne would adore Peter to be her superior in just about everything. 3. People are lining up for vegetables, doctors cannot visit the sick, burglaries and thefts happen constantly, morale is poor, and the weekly rations are not enough. 4. They only eat one kind of vegetable or one kind of dish for long periods. 5. Writing, family trees, history, mythology, film stars, family photos, and the history of art pass Anne’s time. 6. They discuss what they thought happened, tremble with fear, and go to the lavatory.

C a b a c Check Your Understanding: Short Answer 1. Carrying out the routines means that the “Secret Annexers” have hope in getting out because they still carry on with normal daily life. 2. The poem shows that Anne often seeks comfort from her parents when she is scared in the middle of the night. 3. Everyone is happier when Anne doesn’t chatter all of the time, and she thinks her opinions are okay even though others do not. 4. Anne’s imagination helps her to not get upset about the life she is living because she pretends her food is better than it really is and it makes it easier to wake up in the morning.

5. What hobbies does Anne have that help pass the time? 6. What three things do the people in the “Secret Annexe” do after the break-in? 7. What does Anne mean when she says there are two Annes in front of Peter? 8. What “buried qualities” does Anne possess? 9. Why does Anne believe she can live entirely on her own? 10. Does Anne agree with everyone else’s opinions of England’s involvement? How can you explain this? © 2006 Saddleback Educational Publishing 30 Focus on Reading: Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl STUDENT NAME ___________________________________________________ DATE__________________ V.

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