Annual Reports in Medicinal Chemistry, 4 by C K Cain

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Annual Reports in Medicinal Chemistry, 4


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A. S a l i c y l a t e s The p r ~ a i n e n c egiven ~ ~ t o t h e hazards a s s o c i a t e d w i t h a s n i r i n and a h e n a c e t i n l e n d s encouraaement t o t h e s e a r c h f o r s u g e r i o r cornpoinds. The p h e x y l c a r b o n a t e o f s a i i c y l i c acid5O is claimed t o have a c t i v i t y e q u a l t o t h a t of a s p i r i n but w i t h no u l c e r o g e n i c i t y . 2-Hydroxy3-isobutyl-6-methylbenzoic a c i d i s s u p e r i o r 5 I t o a s p i r i n as a n a n a l g e s i c .

Compound X V I was found t o be a s t r o n g a d r e n o l y t i c devoid of oxytocic activity26 S e v e r a l papers r e p o r t e d t h e c l i n i c a l a n t i h y p e r t e n s i v e e f f i c a c y of a combination of d i h y d r o e r g o c r i s t i n e , clopamide, and r e s e r p i n e .

H. A. 1. Buckler, J. Med. , 11,729 (1968). ,99. H. Gogerty, W. Houlihan, M. Galen, P. Eden and C. Penberthy, Fed. , 501 (1968). 100. K. Pfeifer, L. Gyorgy and M. Fodor, Acta. Med. Acad. Sci. , 5,441 (1968). 101. F. L. R. Norvich and JV . Dingell, Psychopharmacologia, 322 (1968). 102. -H. P. Magnussen, Biochem. , lJ1299 (19681, 103. C. Baird, J. Pharm. , 20, 234 (1968). 104. L. Valzelli, E. D o l f i n i , M. l a n s e l l a and S. ,g, 595 (1968); cf. C. Morpurgo and W. Theobald, Europ. J. , 2, 287 (1968).

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