Anther and Pollen: From Biology to Biotechnology by Christophe Clement, Ettore Pacini, Jean-Claude Audran

By Christophe Clement, Ettore Pacini, Jean-Claude Audran

Pollen, the plant constitution most generally utilized by people, is a key constitution in plant replica giving upward push to culmination and seeds. in addition, the biotechnological use of pollen is of significant value for plant breeders because it permits to procure types with higher usage and yield. within the first half, the successive steps of pollen improvement within the anther from floral induction to pollen germination and fertilization are completely tested; the second one half is dedicated to pollen behaviour in vitro.

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Polyamine determinations through TLC separation were compared with HPLC separation according to Torrigiani et al. (1995) and values obtained were practically the same. 80 o Put in female ovaries o Spd in female ovaries 70 II Put in male ovaries 60 0; ~ g) "0 E t: IISpd in male ovaries 50 40 30 20 10 0 34 41 48 56 (full bloom) days after bud burst Fig. 4. 3 Enzyme extraction and assay All enzyme procedures were carried out in an ice bath, unless otherwise indicated. lM. 20 18 16 14 -; E m (5 E c: IJ Put in female ownes OSpd in female ovaries • Put in male owries II Spd in male ovaries 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 34 41 48 56 (full bloom) da ys afte r bud burst Fig.

2). (3) Other mutants are affected at different stages of anther formation and become male sterile. Deletion ofGSF bisexual female restoration flower .......... - ............. - ...... ~ male flower asexual flower Fig. 2. Sexual mutants in white campion (XY constitution). GSF, Gynoecium Suppressing Function; SPF, Stamen Promoting Function Genetic and cytogenetic analysis revealed that most of these mutants are deleted on the Y chromosome. Westergaard (1946) postulated that GSF and SPF 24 Lardon et al.

In: University of Reims, Conference on 'Anther and pollen: from biology to biotechnology', Reims 9-10 April, p 40 Koltunow AM, Truettner J, Cox J, Wall roth KH, Goldberg RB (1990) Different temporal and spatial gene expression patterns occur during anther development. Plant Cell 2: 1201-1224 Kulikauskas R, Hou A, Muschietti J, McCormick S (1995) Comparisons of diverse plant species reveal that only grasses show drastically reduced levels of ubiquitin monomer in mature pollen. Sex Plant Reprod 8: 326-332 Laemmli UK (1970) Cleavage of structural proteins during the assembly of the head of bacteriophage T4.

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