Applied Pyrolysis Handbook by Thomas P. Wampler

By Thomas P. Wampler

A pragmatic consultant to take advantage of of pyrolysis suggestions within the analytical laboratory for forensic facts, paints, fibers, paper, ink, photocopies, paintings and museum items, and different fabrics. one of the themes are instrumentation and research, step by step approaches, and environmental functions. Compares the analytic effects with prior findings on such fabrics as polyolefins, condensation polymers, cultural fabrics, and polar macromolecules.

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In addition, since the heating wire need not be connected to a source of power, insertion into the unit is simple and may be readily automated4 by placing wires in glass tubes into a feeding magazine or into a multiposition autosampler. Although the wires may be cleaned and reused, they may also be discarded after one use, eliminating concerns about carryover of sample from one analysis to another. 5 Disadvantages of Curie-Point Systems Since the temperature of pyrolysis is a function of the Curie-point wire alloy composition, the wire, and consequently the sample, may be heated to that temperature only.

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