ARF Family GTPases (Proteins and Cell Regulation) by Richard A. Kahn

By Richard A. Kahn

For the 1st time specialists within the sector of signalling examine with a spotlight at the ARF family members have contributed to the construction of a identify dedicated to ARF biology. A accomplished phylogenetic research of the ARF relatives, tables of the ARF GEFs and ARF GAPs, and greater than a dozen chapters describing them intimately are supplied. The influence of the ARF proteins on greatly varied elements of phone biology and mobile signalling might be in actual fact noticeable from the actions defined; together with membrane site visitors, lipid metabolism, receptor desensitization, mouse improvement, microtubule dynamics, and bacterial pathogenesis. someone attracted to knowing the complexities of telephone signalling and the combination of signalling networks will reap the benefits of this quantity.

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It is also very likely that functional differences exist between the class I and II Arfs but these have only begun to be described. 2 The Arl sub-families In addition to the three Arf classes, our analysis helps to delineate ten orthologous groups that collectively form the Arls: Arls1-5, Arl8, Arl9, Arfrp, and Sar1. Each of these groups is discussed below. For more details on the biology of Arl proteins, see Chapter 16 by Schurmann and Joost. 1 Arl1 Single representatives of the Arl1 proteins were found in human, fly, worm, and S.

Radcliffe, P. , and Toda, T. (2000). A conserved small GTP-binding protein Alp41 is essential for the cofactor-dependent biogenesis of microtubules in fission yeast. , 468, 84-88. Randazzo, P. , and Kahn, R. A. (1995). Myristoylation and ADP-ribosylation factor function. l, 250, 394-405. , and Hillig, R. C. (2001). Coexpression, copurification, crystallization and preliminary X-ray analysis of a complex of ARL2-GTP and PDE delta. Acta Crystallogr. Biol. , 57, 1167-1170. J. (1999). Reconstructing Early Events in Eukaryotic Evolution.

A. Kahn; unpublished observations), suggesting roles for Arl2 in addition to tubulin assembly. A future challenge is to define how these different binding partners and localization patterns relate to the role for Arl2 in tubulin dynamics or other cellular functions. , 2001; Van Valkenburgh and Kahn, 2002). Because of the central role of the N-myristate in the rapidly reversible association of Arfs with membranes, we infer that Arl2 and Arl3 lack this feature as well. , 2001) and that the majority of Arl2 is in a high molecular weight, cytosolic complex (J.

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