Arms & Equipment Guide (AD&D 2nd Ed Rules Supplement, DMGR3) by TSR Staff

By TSR Staff

Lavishly illustrated, this booklet offers necessary descriptions and diagrams for a number of armors, guns, and barding, in addition to vital goods of garments and kit. this is often the fundamental quantity for the well-equipped Dungeons and Dragons personality.

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His eyes gleamed golden. “Raistlin,” said Tanis, his voice tight. ” Raistlin did not seem at all bothered by the angry looks both men cast him, apparently well accustomed to the fact that few felt comfortable in his presence or wanted him around. He stopped before the two. Stretching forth his frail hand, the mage spoke, “Akular-alan suh Tagolann Jistrathar,” and a pale image of a weapon shimmered into being as Tanis and Sturm watched in astonishment. It was a footman’s lance, nearly twelve feet long.

He turned his head slightly, looking down upon his fellows beating their wings in the early morning, grateful for the hot springs’ warmth which took the chill from their tendons. Fools, Skie thought scornfully. All they’re waiting for is a signal from the Highlord to attack. To light the skies and burn the cities with their deadly bolts of lightning are all they care about. Their faith in the Dragon Highlord is implicit. As well it might be, Skie admitted, their master had led them to victory after victory in the north, and they had not lost one of their number.

There are three in whom I have particular interest. But I will provide you with descriptions of all of them”—the Dragon Highlord moved closer to Skie—“because it is to capture them that we participate in the destruction of Tarsis tomorrow. …” Tanis strode across the frozen plains, his booted footsteps punching noisily through the crust of wind-swept snow. The sun rose at his back, bringing a great deal of light but little warmth. He clutched his cloak about him and glanced around to make certain no one was lagging behind.

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