Basic Principles of Geocosmic Studies for Financial Market by Raymond Merriman

By Raymond Merriman

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67 In either case, the secondary character of the creation account in the longer recension would be borne out. That said, Andersen sees a vestigial trace of a larger account in the short manuscripts V and N, with the word geñ+ (“orbit”) surviving in the phrase “road of water” (“from the road of water I hardened stones,” 28:2). The spellings vary between the manuscripts, but V, N, Chr and B all contain some mention of “road,” though A and U do not. The point cautions us against any simplistic conclusions that regard the short recension as pristine.

Proceeding from this, it also supports the version of the chapter 39 found in the shorter recension. Further evidence for the secondary character of the longer recension can, in my view, be found in chapters 24–30, which is the point where the most extensive divergence of the recensions is to be seen. It is also the section of the book where much of the debate over the priority of longer or shorter recensions has been focused and thus deserves to be at the heart of our study. Böttrich has argued that the longer account is here closest to the original; in fact, he regards the creation account as one of the main pieces of evidence for the priority of the longer recension (although he does not simply identify the longer recension with the original text): The secondary character of the shorter recension can be seen most clearly in 28:1–33:2, which has a description of the hexaemeron.

This fragment was published in 1863 by Tichonravov49 and I have been reliant on this version, which publishes the text in civil script, for my own edition. The manuscript dates to the 17th century and is of Russian character. It contains only chapters 71–72. 42. This manuscript is the only Glagolitic fragment of 2 Enoch and has a distinctive significance to the text critical project as a result. 15, and is in Croatian dialect. 50 The manuscript is clearly dependent on the material of 2Enoch, with a reference to God showing the heavenly secrets to Enoch preceding the story of Melchisedek’s birth, but while it seems closest to Tr (TSS no.

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