Being Fruitful Without Multiplying: Stories and Essays from by Patricia Yvette, Renee Ann, Janice Lynne

By Patricia Yvette, Renee Ann, Janice Lynne

Childfree and childless are the labels society supplies to ladies who don't endure kids, as a result of selection or genetics. This anthology started as a way for 3 shut kin from various generations to envision the existence occasions that ended in their now not having childrens. Their voices have been then joined via these of over 60 girls and some males from many alternative nations, cultures and source of revenue teams.

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I will become myself by renewing the sexual act that caused my birth and by positing this same problem all over again through my own offspring. Two provisional conclusions to bring this analysis momentarily to a 22 Enzo Paci close. First, genesis, which links me to my parents, binds me to the whole human race, to universal genesis. And it links me in anticipation to those who will some day come about. Others are in me and I in others. " Secondly, copulation and sexual satisfaction do not realize the erotic impulse, which insofar as it contains the logos within it, tends toward truth and can never come to rest in one being or in being as such.

But one does not do justice to love with regard to its possible, still latent cognitive function, if the possibility of a hidden prospective potency is not reckoned with, presupposing an evolutionary process of self-disclosure of the world, from vital experiencing to knowing, a process from which we ourselves are not excluded, however slowly its steps of development may be completed. The present study cannot claim to have represented the relation between love and knowledge in all the width and depth of its problematics.

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