Beyond 2012 by Julia Loren

By Julia Loren

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Throughout history, God spoke to His prophets about times to come, often through visions of doom and gloom. He gave Daniel visions that actually traumatized him. These visions were so graphic in detail about the future of the world that afterwards, an overwhelmed Daniel took to his bed and cried out in intercession asking for an increase in understanding the days that God revealed. Other prophets cried out and asked God to stay His hand after they heard or saw what was to occur in the days to come.

This builds faith and confidence in what God wants to do. But when we have fear and uneasiness or a weak theology concerning such things as the sovereignty of God, we cloud the revelation with our own weaknesses. During the 70s and 80s, several Norwegian pastors and church leaders began to see similar visions and dreams of what appeared to be blood flowing down a map of Norway. It started from northern Norway where it bordered the former Soviet Union and then flowed to southern Norway. At that time the Soviets housed a large army and several naval bases around Murmansk near the northern border of Norway.

But there is a huge difference between telling stories in such a way that glorifies the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit as opposed to glorifying me, myself, and I. Much of the self-promotion being done today on websites, book covers, and presentations is at the very least self-aggrandizement and at worst demonic in that it, again, deemphasizes the wonder of Jesus. And what seems to be a bigger problem is the willingness of many Charismatics to chase after ministries that are preoccupied with themselves.

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