Beyond the High Road (Forgotten Realms: The Cormyr Saga, by Troy Denning

By Troy Denning

The seer Alaundo prophesied that seven scourges could sweep Cormyr manner in smash. for hundreds of years the royal relatives has stood watch opposed to that day and committed their lives to the safety of the realm.

But in a time whilst their historical guardians shut eye and their so much dependable servants disappear, while a negative evil prepares to brush down upon their domestic --

Who will guard the royal family?

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Indeed, Shantu eventually came upon the heroes of the Isles and killed Daryth of Calimshan. Hobarth then journeyed to the coast where he summoned the high priestess of the sahuagin. Following her was an unstoppable army of the dead, the bodies of many who’d lost their lives to the ocean’s waters. This massive army moved slowly but inexorably toward land. Meanwhile, the owlbear found and attacked the heroes, but was tricked into entering a tar pit, in which it quickly became trapped and sank from view.

Foes/Enemies: As a vampire, he turned on his former comrades; see above. Appearance: Tall but awkward, Kierkan has matted, black hair, an angular face, and beady black eyes. He wears typical priest’s garb with high, hard black boots. Personality: Kierkan is an example of a villain who lacked the willpower, the internal moral strength to resist the seductions of evil and face his ever mounting guilt. Kierkan was so weak that he was repeatedly used by the forces of Castle Trinity. Every time they came to him, they threatened to reveal his past involvements.

He’d then lead the elves back to their former glories. Arilyn defeated her former master and turned him over to the Harpers for judgment. Motivations/Goals: Kymil wanted to return the elves of Faerûn to their lost position of greatness, not realizing that in many ways, the time of the elves is passing. The past can never be regained. Campaign Uses: Kymil survived the defeat of his scheme. He could escape the Harpers’ justice and seek revenge on them or Arilyn, or begin another quest to elevate the elves to lordship of all.

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