Beyond The Himalayas by M. MacDonald-Bayne

By M. MacDonald-Bayne

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I was fortunate, too, in having made a few notes to remind me of various points. " "Again," he said,. "you may reach the point of climax and linger on it lovingly with a caressing touch, but this freedom must be obtained within the law - that is, the realisation of the rhythmic flow - the balance of one phrase with the other and the co-ordination of the whole into perfect unity. It is like the perfect union between two souls in the bliss of a perfect love, two souls that become one in that complete and final ecstasy.

Yet I knew that was not enough; I must question my own thought-feeling-reaction to see where it was moving, what was moving it and why. What was the motive behind it? I could now understand what was in my mind, and could see from where it arose, and by seeing this clearly I was freed from its binding effects. It did not matter very much now whether it was true or not. " I could see how the light was shown on the path which I must move along by myself, for no one else could reveal the Truth to me.

The Chumbi Valley at this time of the year, May and June, is prolific with wild flowers. The mountainsides right down to the edge of the valley were covered with rhododendron trees in full bloom. The different colours, red, pink, white and purple made a wonderful picture. where the rhododendron trees reached the valley floor there were large Chinese poppies, each at least five inches in diameter, and the stems were about five feet tall. The petals were a rich yellow shade with pink edges, really beautiful to look at.

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