BioNMR in Drug Research by O. Zerbe

By O. Zerbe

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Consequently, RTS 100 HY can be used for the rapid evaluation of the best template, without spending time with cloning, and for optimization of the reaction conditions (e. g. ).

Moreover, there are no undesired products, such as linear forms or polymers, originating from intermolecular reactions. 3 Stability Enhancement by Backbone Cyclization The effect of backbone cyclization was originally tested on BPTI, but no stabilization effects were observed, presumably because the three disulfide bridges reduce entropic gains [83]. Nevertheless, intein-mediated backbone cyclization has opened the way to a study of cyclization effects on protein stability (including membrane proteins) in more detail.

Two types of expression vectors have been developed for S. pombe. The chromosomal integration type of vector maintains the foreign gene stably in the chromosome [99], and the episomal vector replicates autonomously in yeast cells [100]. Some mammalian promoters like the human chorionic gonadotropin and CMV promoters are functional in S. pombe [101]. The fission yeasts possess many similar features to mammalian cells. S. pombe has a signal transduction system similar to the mammalian G protein-coupling system [102], and the mammalian endoplasmatic reticulum retention signal KDEL is also recognized [103].

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