Black Religion: Malcolm X, Julius Lester, and Jan Willis by William David Hart (auth.)

By William David Hart (auth.)

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I do not question his apparently visceral reaction to the ecstatic physicality22 of black Protestant Christianity, especially in its Pentecostal incarnations. JAHILIYYAH and JIHAD 27 He is not the first child to be frightened, amused, or otherwise baff led by these displays of spirit. If I might be permitted a personal observation: Even as an experienced, fully-formed adult, I am startled, slightly unnerved, and depending on their duration, irritated by such displays. I am hardly unusual in this regard.

Henceforth, sexual desire would be satisfied exogamously, that is, with nonclan members. This act of instinctual renunciation, especially the exclusion of mother as sexual object, causes pain. The maintenance of this act requires something stronger than law. Hence the incest taboo and the guilt associated with it, which enforces the renunciation of oedipal desires. Through this cunning of desire and guilt—the compromises that comprise the incest taboo—the immediate problem of sexual tyranny and violence is more or less addressed.

In this speculative view, Freud characterizes primitive human society as a “horde” comprised of an alpha male, subordinate males, and females. The subordinate males are the sons of the dominant couple; the female 22 Black Religion offspring are their sisters. The alpha male exercises tyrannical control of the horde, which includes monopolizing sexual access to the females. The sons seethe with desire and envy; they cower before the alpha male who maintains his sexual monopoly through deadly violence, killing any one who challenges his sexual rights.

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