Blackstaff Tower (Forgotten Realms: Ed Greenwood Presents by Steven E. Schend

By Steven E. Schend

A decision for Heroes!

a tender team of associates stumble throughout a terrifying conspiracy that holds the inheritor to the Blackstaff, the defender of town of Waterdeep, in poor probability. those acquaintances needs to seek deep inside themselves to develop into the heroes their urban must keep its champion from those that may see either introduced low.

Ed Greenwood, liked writer and writer of the Forgotten Realms, provides the 1st booklet in a brand-new sequence devoted to showcasing either town of Splendors and our so much gifted up-and-coming authors. a sequence of stand-alone adventurers, this publication and the sequence to which it belongs have been written particularly for these readers without past wisdom of the Forgotten Realms, making it an exceptional access aspect for brand spanking new readers.

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Paladin Code: Despite having abandoned his paladinhood, the champion still needs to abide by its tenets, or else he will lose the abilities he gains from his faith. Recommended Options As the character combines fighter with previous paladin levels, there are some options he can take to optimise the mixture of both classes’ abilities.  The character does not get many choices while taking paladin feats, but he should begin by acquiring Mounted Combat at 3rd level, which he then may expand upon when he becomes a fighter with the rest of the mounted combat tree.

Wizards that go into battle carry the risk of having their spellbooks damaged. The Spell Mastery feat curtails this risk for a few, vital and favourite spells. Variant Rules  Warspell Mastery: Upon gaining 4th fighter level, the character may elect to take Warspell Mastery. Certain spells are close the fighters heart and he knows them as well as he knows his own kin. Any spells the character knows from the following list: magic weapon, protection from arrows, keen edge, stoneskin and waves of fatigue become mastered spells and do not need to be prepared from a spellbook to be memorised.

Whilst the character is riding such a mount, it is considered Special Aura of good, detect evil, smite evil 1/day, (character feat) Divine grace, lay on hands Aura of courage, divine health, (character feat) Turn undead, (ability increase) Smite evil 2/day, special mount Remove disease 1/week, (character feat) Bonus feat Bonus feat, (ability increase) (character feat) Bonus feat Bonus feat, (ability increase, character feat) Bonus feat (character feat) Bonus feat, (ability increase) Bonus feat, (character feat) Bonus feat, (ability increase) 1st Level Spells per day – – – 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 to have the Improved Initiative and benefits from a bonus to its saving throws equal to the character’s Charisma modifier.

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