Blood collection : a short course by Marjorie Schaub Di Lorenzo MT(ASCP)SH, Susan King Strasinger

By Marjorie Schaub Di Lorenzo MT(ASCP)SH, Susan King Strasinger DA MT(ASCP)

Cross-training? carrying on with schooling? Refresher?

Whether you’re go education, carrying on with your schooling, or taking a refresher direction, the data and talents you want to grasp the necessities of phlebotomy are here.

This straight forward textual content specializes in the correct ideas for amassing caliber blood specimens with minimum sufferer soreness. It’s ideal for in depth one- or two-day phlebotomy courses!


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“This publication is excellent for explaining venipuncture procedure. It retains it easy and invaluable. it truly is an excellent reference for what each one vial is used for.”—Jordon, evaluate of the 2d variation on Amazon

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“Good e-book, effortless to study.”—Amanda, review of the second version on Amazon

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 "The authors supply a few first-class instruments for educating a venipuncture type. …though small, is entire in its assurance of issues regarding phlebotomy... The unit on blood assortment and venipuncture apparatus is especially thorough…”

Respiratory Care, evaluate of the first Edition 

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20 UNIT 2 ■ Venipuncture Equipment FIGURE 2–17. Cut-away view of a vacuum tube stopper (Hemogard closure). ) Tests requiring whole blood or plasma are collected in tubes containing an anticoagulant. Different types of anticoagulants are required for specific tests. All tubes containing an anticoagulant must be gently inverted three to eight times immediately after collection to mix the contents and to avoid microclot formation. Tubes containing an anticoTECHNICAL TIP agulant must be completely filled to the designated volume draw.

Blood drawn in a syringe must be immediately transferred to appropriate evacuated tubes to prevent the formation of clots. In the past, blood was transferred by puncturing the rubber stopper with the syringe needle and allowing the blood to be drawn, but not forced, into the tube. This is now considered unsafe according to the CLSI standards. Blood transfer devices provide a safer means for blood transfer when collecting blood with a syringe. It is an evacuated tube holder with 26 UNIT 2 ■ Venipuncture Equipment TABLE 2–2.

Red stopper glass tubes and Hemogard closures are often referred to as clot or plain tubes because they contain no anticoagulants or additives. Blood collected in red stopper glass tubes clots by the normal coagulation process in about 60 minutes. TECHNICAL TIP Centrifugation of the specimen then yields serum as the liquid portion. Red stopper tubes are used for the same purpose as the red plastic tubes. There is Centrifugation of incomno need to invert glass red stopper tubes. pletely clotted SST tubes Red/light gray rubber stopper and clear Hemogard closures are plain tubes can produce a nonintact because they contain no anticoagulants, additives, or gel.

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