Bubble Radiation Detection

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A scaled-up version of such a detector would offer efficiency competitive with current large-area neutron detectors, but at substantially reduced cost. This appendix details some of the options and issues involved in the development of such detectors. Li and 1% neutron capture reactions ‘mustdeposit energy within the superheated droplets themselves. Materials containing the isotopes such as bLi and’~ can be incorporated: ● ● ● into the plastic matrix into the droplet material into the dropletimatrix interface.

One commercial vendor3 has incorporated ‘Li into the plastic matrix and improved the thermalneutron flux efficiency compared to the fast-neutron flux efficiency by’ a factor of greater than 20. In doing so, the thermal-neutron efficiency was increased by several orders of magnitude over that of conventional droplet detectors. Despite this encouraging resul~ we believe thatfar more sensitivity enhancement is possible for two reasons. Li instead of 10B. The boron reaction has both a higher cross section and more highly charged products.

This allows for the possibility of adding thermal-neutron-sensitive matter into the detector ~th ~ignificant partitioning be~-een the ~oplet and-detector material. 1 Comparison of the Options for Incorporating cLi or 1%3into Droplet Detectors Into Plastic Matrix Into Droplet Material Into Interface Chemical Incorporation Lithium hydroxide may form gel suitable for matrix. Nonpolar boron compounds may be grafted onto Freons or propanelike materials. Boron organics tend to be costly. Lithium is difficult to incorporate into nonpolar organics.

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