Cartoon Origami by Halle

By Halle

10 lovely "Looney Tunes" versions, compounded from many devices, so no longer for the origami purist.
There are colour pictures of all versions, and the diagramming caliber is top class.

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Cartoon Origami

10 lovely "Looney Tunes" versions, compounded from many devices, so now not for the origami purist.
There are colour images of all versions, and the diagramming caliber is top class.

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Works by Hans Bellmer (1936), Max Ernst (1937), and Wolfgang Paalen appeared in the Surrealist periodical Minotaure as well as in Christian Zervos’ Cahiers d’art. In 1937, photographs by Erwin Blumenfeld appeared in the journal Verve, which was published by Tériade, the one-time publisher of Mino­ taure. Also in 1937, Cesar Domela, Sophie Taeuber-Arp, and Hans Arp founded their own journal Plastique. In addition to their integration in Parisian artist groups, the exiled artists also formed their own organizations, reactivating and extending their old networks from the time of the Weimar Republic.

101 But even in the subsequent period, artists who had stayed in France and who, for the most part, were forced to go underground and were living under false identities, kept up their artistic work. Quite a few participated in the Résistance: the painter and graphic artist Doris Kahane, as well as Moses Bagel, Francis Bott, Adolf Fleischmann, Johnny Friedlaender, Simon Guttmann, Friedrich Hagen, Hanns Kralik, Jean Leppien, Max Lingner, Heinz Lohmar, and Heinrich Sussmann. Besides taking part in actual armed conflict and providing information to their fellow combatants, they supported the cause by illustrating flyers and by forging documents.

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