Charlemagne's Paladins: Campaign Sourcebook (AD&D 2nd Ed. by Ken Rolston

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He was usually a loyal friend or family member appointed by the king or nobles who endowed the monastic lands. Such an abbot was carefui to serve the interests of his benefactors so that he could count on their protection for the monastery. And monasteries needed protection, for counts and nobles coveted their lands and economic power. " A monastery without powerful sponsors would be at the mercy of land-hungry nobles. See the diagram of the plan of the Abbey of St. This plan was prepared in 820 as a guide to remodeling and reconstruction of an existing abbey.

Essentially, Charlemagne decided it was more important for 42 Chapter Four the security and coherence of the Empire to have a loyal class of noble churchmen with modest or doubtful religious credentials than to challenge and risk Iosing the support of a large and infIuentia1 landholding class. The Palace School accepted promising students of humble origins as well as young noblemen. From time to time, Charkmagne was proud to appoint deserving men of lowly origin to high positions over the protests of nobles who coveted such profitable positions for themSeIves.

Grain crops provided most of the food, supplemented by a wide range of vegetables and fruits from orchards. and small ports on s accounted for the The Town Life in Neustria and Austrasia was predominately rural, but in the south the urban life of the late Roman Empire persisted, though greatly reduced by the collapse of trade and communications. Even in the north, many Roman cities The Setting 31 . voted to the religious function, a monastic town might extend, with storerooms and accommodations for the artisans and guards in the monastery's employ; hospitals and shelters for the aged, sick, and indigent; and guest houses for pilgrims and travelers.

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