Chemiluminescence in Analytical Chemistry by Ana M. Garcia-Campana

By Ana M. Garcia-Campana

Discusses static recommendations and flowing movement measurements of chemiluminscence utilized to chemical research, with studies of advances in immunoassay ideas and makes use of of enzyme reactions. contains attention of more than a few functions in analytical examine, biotechnology and chemical qc.

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Also, CL-based detection appears to be of utmost importance in the area of CE micromachining in which microchannel-based mixing of reagents and the creation of reaction chambers open new analytical perspectives. , employing beds of CL reagents or enzymes) improves the application of CL detection, among others, in separational streams and in the biosensing area. REFERENCES 1. Aristotle. De anima, De sensu, Historia animalium, Meteorologica. Oxford; 1923. 2. R Bernard. La Luminescence. Paris: Presse Universitaire de France, 1961, p 5.

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